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Infuse your beverage with our water soluble cannabinoids! Our nano CBD has a 12 month shelf life and fully homogenizes into solution. We have been satisfiying customers with our nano water soluble CBD for a whole range of beverages from cbd water to cbd juices to cbd seltzers!
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Feel the difference with our Proprietary Nano Water Soluble Technology. Absorb more from your CBD. Nano Hemp Tech Labs nano cannabinoids high bioavailability creates the fastest acting products in the industry!
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Our water soluble CBD powder is powered by our Proprietary Nano Water Soluble Technology.
Since 2014, we have been leading nano emulsified cannabinoids with a collective
25 years of experience. We’re more than an ingredient supplier,
we’re a partner from product conception to shelf-ready products.


True water-soluble material for even dispersion. Consistently dosed final products at every step of the production process enables label claims to be correct, no matter the production scale.


Particle Size Testing confirming emulsion Nano particle size. Reduced particle size allows for maximum absorption of cannabinoids.


Testing confirming emulsion shelf life of 18 months. There are no coagulated or fall-out sediments making this a perfect specialty ingredient for beverage and edible applications.


Up to 99% absorption, feel the euphoric difference within minutes of ingestion. Experience the difference of the bioavailability of our Tru-Nano water soluble powders.


Without the bitter taste, this versatile ingredient allows the true product flavor profile to be the star. No added solvents or chemicals.


Proprietary mycelia encapsulation protects the cannabinoid molecule in the digestive tract reducing waste


We have been specializing in nano and water soluble emulsion technology since 2014 and have a collective of 25 years of experience in the nano industry.


We offer the largest selection of nano cannabinoids. Nano CBD Powder, Nano Full Spec CBD Powder, Nano CBG Powder, Nano CBN Powder, Nano Delta 8 Powder, Nano HHC Powder, Nano Delta 9 Powder. Special Nano full spec blends available.


Nano Hemp Tech Labs provides a proprietary nano emulsification process

Hemp Flower

Nano Emulsification


Powder Spray Drying


Let us take a nano-emulsion with water as continuous phase. It contains micelles made of surfactant molecules with oil phase present inside them. Oil/surfactant ratio defines the size of a micelle. When water and surfactant are present without any oil added (oil/surfactant ratio=0.0), there will be empty micelles. The size of a micelle keeps on increasing ( for a given micelle shape) with the addition of oil. In other words, with increase in ratio of oil to surfactant, the micelles swell.

In general, all microemulsions are made of swollen micelles with oil/water inside them.

We use both hydrophilic and Lipophilic emulsifiers in our emulsions, finding harmony between both and the oil phase, in what’s called the HLB (Hydrophilic/Lipophilic balance). Finding this balance, and using the proper emulsifiers, lends strength to the micelle, and limits flocculation, conglomeration and the Ostwalt Ripening making the emulsion more stable.

Its taken years of R&D and development, as well as a healthy dose of trail and error.


Discover your unique water soluble solution for CBD, THC, and HEMP in the food, beverage,
and nutraceutical industries. Our custom formulations utilize Nano CBD isolate powder,
broad spectrum powder, and full spectrum powder.


Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBD powder emulsions offers superior bioavailability, instant solubility, and neutral taste profile for any dry good food product, ready-to-mix (RTM) beverage products, oral dissolve tablets (ODT), and gummy edibles.
Using Nano-technology when creating and formulating your delicious cannabis infused edibles will offer fast acting effects, reduced costs and wastes, and ensure more accurate dosing!
Nano emulsified cannabinoids are the perfect solution when formulating hemp or cannabis infused edible with amazing taste, perfect dose, powered by the world’s leading water soluble nano cannabinoid ingredient.


Nano Hemp Tech Labs is your solution from functional ingredients to ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. Our water soluble CBD powder was specifically designed for the beverage industry. While most of our competitors have 5% active water soluble CBD liquid material, Nano Hemp Tech Labs water soluble powder is stable at 20% CBD for a 12-month period.
Our water soluble emulsion technology will allow your beverage to shine! The increased bioavailability, faster absorption, and longer stability allow you to have the most premium CBD beverage on the market. See why everybody is choosing water soluble CBD beverages as their go to choice for consumption of CBD products.


Our proprietary nano water soluble technology is composed of safe clean label ingredients that are widely accepted and used at nutraceutical manufacturing facilities. Every batch of Nano Hemp Tech Labs water soluble nano CBD isolate powder is 3rd party lab tested with a full panel certificate of analysis (COA).

Our industrial food-grade safe pharma spray dryer allows for commercial scalability. This allows for consistent large-scale batches that are tested throughout to make sure each commercial batch is homogeneous water soluble CBD powder. Unsurpassed quality and consistency start with our commitment to innovation.

Proprietary Nano Water Soluble Technology

Our Proprietary Nano Water Soluble Technology is a proprietary formula and process which has positioned Nano Hemp Tech Labs as a world leader in nano water-soluble cannabinoids. Nano Hemp Tech Labs nano emulsified cannabinoids offer water soluble liquid and powder. Our facilities and equipment are designed for a massive commercial scale.

Our proprietary Nano Emulsion and Nano Amplification processes allow us to break down the traditional CBD molecule and increase efficacy by up to 99%. Traditional CBD molecules are an average size of about 300 nanometers across. Our bodies are designed to process molecules around 60 nanometers across and smaller which in turn wastes
about 90% of the traditional CBD consumed. Our process allows us to break the CBD and other Cannabinoid molecules down to a range from 15-60 nanometers depending on the formulation, increasing the efficacy and absorption rate up to 99%.

Our ability to produce 1000’s of water soluble CBD kilos in a short time period allows us to work with commercial scale clients as well as compete with any other nano CBD company on price for smaller scale companies looking to add a water soluble CBD product to their catalog or bring revolutionary water soluble nano technology to their already existing CBD products. With over 25 years of collective experience in Tru-Nano water soluble CBD technology for the food, beverage, cosmetic & nutraceuticals industry, we are the best option for Nano water soluble CBD on the market.

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Brands currently using our Tru-Nano water soluble CBD  technology in their products


We use our partner laboratories Kaycha Lab and Blue Bonnet Lab to test our products.

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