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Our water soluble CBD powder is powered by our proprietary Tru-Nano Technology. Since 2014, we have been leading nano emulsified cannabinoids with a collective 25 years of experience. We’re more than an ingredient supplier, we’re a partner from product conception to shelf-ready products.
True water-soluble material for even dispersion. Consistently dosed final products at every step of the production process enables label claims to be correct, no matter the production scale.

Mission Statement

Our focus has been on getting people to Dose Daily on functional ingredients. Driven by excellence and innovation, we strive to develop long term relationships that are rooted in trust, transparency & quality. Our fast acting technology has revolutionized products that elevate our consumers around the globe.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to take our technology from Cannabinoids & Cannabis to the medical, nutraceutical & the supplement industries! We intend to attain this transition through strategic partnerships that seek innovation as an opportunity. Creativity, Innovation & an entrepreneurial mindset will always guide this mission.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of nano scientists, food experts, consumer packaged goods specialists, branding gurus, experienced engineers, researchers, and subject matter experts from around the globe.

Dillon Worley

Co Founder and Chief Science Officer
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Dalton Worley

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
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Agha Muqeet

Director of E-Commerce
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Junaid Ibrahim

Creative Head
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Questions And Answers

We have developed a water-soluble emulsion technology that enables us to integrate cannabinoids into beverages, edibles, and topicals. We currently offer a range of functional ingredients, including hemp derived Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Kratom. With 25+ years of experience in food and beverage labs, our team has developed superior ingredient solutions that feature safe ingredients, stability, and seamless integration into production systems.
Our suite of products delivers up to 18 months’ stability, superior sensory, and seamless integration in CBD, Delta 8 THC, hemp derived Delta 9 THC or Cannabis, HHC, CBG, CBN & Kratom. +Liquid – Perfect for some liquid applications. Nano Powder is recommended for all uses. +Powder – Ideal for RTM beverages, such as stick-packs, ODT tablets, Fizz Tabs (effervescent) + Custom Emulsions, Edibles, and Baked Foods. +The shelf life of emulsions varies based on the type of emulsion, oxidation, and storage capabilities.
Our focus is providing water-soluble emulsion solutions for cannabis and other functional ingredients. However, we also offer formulation and production support, as well as product development and technology licensing. In addition to this, we offer turnkey private label options well beyond just beverages
Nano Hemp Tech Labs supplies Cannabinoids & Kratom, as a finished emulsion using the raw materials inputs from the highest-rated suppliers in the United States. Working with Nano Hemp Tech Labs, our clients have access to our chain of custody.
In order to produce the finished goods for our brand partners, we utilize a network of preferred co-manufacturers and co-packers. From beverage, fizz tablets to stick packets, Nano Hemp Tech Labs offers a turnkey private label service which can include co-packing.
Several factors determine the price, including quantity and services required. If you would like an accurate quote based on the specifics of your project, please schedule a Zoom meeting with our team.
In keeping with food and beverage industry standards, Nano Hemp Tech Labs products are manufactured using only the best ingredients in facilities that are regularly audited for quality assurance. Raw materials we receive for testing are checked for solvent residues, possible THC content, pesticide residues, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pathogens. Items outside our standards will not be accepted for testing. To ensure quality and potency, we test all final products at least once. We provide two independent lab tests from Botanacor Laboratories and BlueBonnet Labs for all nano output kilos or liters.
Our research and develop shows that a typical emulsion water soluble material lasts about 12-18 months depending on storage methods.

We currently ship domestically and globally to law abiding territories or states. Our physical location is 22936 Kuykendahl Rd Suite B Spring, TX 77389.

The answer is simply a YES. Our facilities are kept in good condition; equipment carefully maintained and calibrated; Employees are qualified and participate in weekly training sessions; and; Our operating procedures are reliable and reproducible.
No matter what size or scale your production process is, the finished water soluble nano product can be seamlessly incorporated into any formulation, just like any other ingredient or flavor. Our team works with our partners to identify the appropriate steps in the production process for implementation & even create custom SOPs to ensure a long lasting relationship that benefits both parties. Keep in mind that OIL & WATER are not homogeneous.
It is the FDA’s role to ensure the safety and efficacy of ingredients by creating and enforcing regulations. As CBD has not yet been granted GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status, the FDA does not recognize it as an ingredient or a dietary supplement. The FDA does not appear to be forbidding CBD from being used in food. Companies that make false or inaccurate claims on their labels have been alerted by the FDA (e.g., the label claims 50mg of CBD, but testing shows only 5mg). FDA warning letters requesting the removal of CBD from foods or beverages have not been sent to food or beverage companies. Our agency fully supports the FDA in evaluating CBD for ingestion in food and drug applications.