Water Soluble Ingredients

Our Water Soluble Technology

Our superior water soluble technology started with the desire to create the best water soluble CBD to further help everyone to “Dose Daily”. Our mission has not changed much since 2014, when we became your ingredient specialist for not just water soluble CBD but now all wellness and health products containing water soluble ingredients. Our specialty formed team has a collective 25 years experience in nano and water soluble solutions. By implementing our custom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), we will ensure your company’s success is backed by a team of people who care and are ingrained with a solid foundation built deep within the nano particle!








Green Coffee Bean


Juice Powder

Water Soluble Cannabinoids

Water soluble CBD powder from Nano Hemp Tech Labs was developed using technology developed specifically for the food and beverage industry. The superior quality of our water soluble CBD powders make them versatile and flexible. Manufacturers are able to create infused products with superior dissolvability, subtle taste, and quality ingredients. Choose between water soluble CBD powder or liquid for limitless possibilities for custom formulations. Nano Hemp Tech Labs water soluble CBD powder is at 20% active strength, which gives it the best stability and shelf life. All of our CBD water soluble is powered by our Tru-Nano Technology that makes it easily dissolve evenly into water creating a stable homogeneous solution.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs offer a variety of cannabinoids such as water soluble delta 8 powder, water soluble HHC powder and water soluble hemp derived delta 9 powder. We are your solution when it comes to your specialty ingredient supplier. Offering not only the water soluble CBD powders we have on the floor but can also do custom formulations to fit any criteria for formulations and products. In addition to beverage mixes, powdered mixes, and oral dissolvable tablets (ODT), you can use our water soluble powder to make a variety of supplements. Our water-soluble liquid is applicable for food, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, tinctures, and topical products.

Water Soluble Cannabis

Experience the best water soluble delta 9 powder with Nano Hemp Tech Labs. Our years of experience in the nano and water soluble emulsions technology can now be applied to the cannabis industry. Create the most premium cannabis products on the market with the world’s most bioavailable delta 9 THC, a healthy nutritional label, and fast-acting delta 9 THC. Our unique solutions allow us to enter any cannabis market and utilize our proprietary nano technology in any state. Elevate your products, innovate the cannabis industry with our proprietary Tru-Nano Technology water soluble delta 9 powder.

Water Soluble Terpenes

Water-soluble terpenes from Nano Hemp Tech Lab are produced by combining next-generation high-energy homogenization techniques with our proprietary emulsion process. Our process is based on the splitting of terpene molecules into nano-sized particles, and then emulsifying these nano-terpenes in highly purified water to make concentrated terpene stock solutions. Enhance your beer, wine, water, cocktails, and any other beverage with flavor and aroma with water soluble terpenes. A large number of plants, including hops, and hemp, make oil-soluble terpenes which are converted to water-soluble terpenes.

Beer’s characteristic aroma comes from terpenes in hops, which include floral and citrus notes as well as hoppy notes. These terpenes are typically used to replace or supplement the terpenes present in hop cones, pellets, and extracts. We make it very easy to incorporate our water-soluble terpenes into any beverage during production.

Water Soluble Kratom

The water soluble kratom being produced by Nano Hemp Tech Labs may be one of the most significant innovations in the kratom industry. Using nano technology to enhance the kratom alkaloids and flavor profile, Nano Hemp Tech Labs has created water soluble that comes with more rapid onset, a smoother and sustained release of effects, longer lasting effects and without the bitterness of traditional kratom. This innovation opens up a world of possibilities unlocking kratom’s full potential. Compete with the best like O.P.M.S. Kratom with faster acting, more absorption with Nano Hemp Tech Labs’ water soluble kratom. Removing the bitterness you can now formulate the best kratom shots, gummies, or any water soluble kratom product.

Water Soluble Nano Kava-Kava

Ancient herbal remedy with modern technology, Nano Hemp Tech Labs nano size kava-kava for more bioavailability, faster absorption and longer lasting effects in the body. Take the stress and anxiety away as Nano Kava keeps you alert! Nano Kava, which is 75% Kavalactones by weight, is a very potent herbal supplement. As a nanosized supplement, nano kava has rapid absorption and effective results. A benefit of this product is that it promotes deep sleep without affecting REM sleep, making it an excellent option for individuals who are experiencing stress or restlessness. This mild muscle relaxant maintains your alertness while also easing up the body. With rapid onset, you will feel the nano kava within minutes with effects that last a couple hours.

Water Soluble Mushrooms

Innovating in the field of water soluble technology, Nano Hemp Tech Labs has applied their proprietary technology to edible mushrooms and adaptogens. Mushrooms are gaining popularity for health and wellness even though they have been consumed for thousands of years. Formulate the best tasting and fasting acting mushroom products with our water soluble nano mushrooms. Our initial research and development is on some of the top mushrooms such as lions mane, turkey tail, chaga and reishi. Future development will be on psilocybin and psilocin when laws and regulations permit.

Nano Water Soluble Vitamins

Nano water soluble vitamins are vitamins that have been modified to be more soluble in water. This can make it easier to incorporate them into beverages and other water-based products, and may also improve the bioavailability of the vitamins.

There are many different types of vitamins, and each one plays a specific role in maintaining good health. Some common water soluble vitamins include vitamin C, the B-complex vitamins (such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12), and folate. These vitamins are not stored in the body, so they must be consumed regularly in order to maintain adequate levels.

Nano Water Soluble Green Coffee Bean (Nano Caffeine)

Green coffee bean extract is a supplement that is made from unroasted coffee beans. It is thought to have a number of health benefits, including weight loss and blood sugar control, due to its high content of chlorogenic acid, a compound that is believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Nano water soluble green coffee bean extract is a form of green coffee bean extract that has been modified to be more soluble in water. This can make it easier to incorporate into beverages and other water-based products, and may also improve the bioavailability of the chlorogenic acid and other compounds found in green coffee beans.