Nano Hemp Tech Labs offers Delta 9 THC Powder

Delta 9 THC Powder
Exclusively available at Nano Hemp Tech Labs, Nano Hemp D9 is the best water soluble D9 on the planet.

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What if you could feel the effects of Delta 9 THC?

Exclusively available at Nano Hemp Tech Labs, Nano Hemp D9 is the best water soluble D9 on the planet. Handcrafted from scratch by award-winning chefs, this powder is ideal for the savvy consumer. Get fast acting THC (five to ten minutes), predictable offset effects (four to six hours), and the world’s most bioavailable delta 9 THC (D9). Make your favorite drink even healthier with our water-soluble D9 powder.

Give your recipes a boost with our baking, cooking, and artisanal edibles. We have created a flavorless D9 powder that blends seamlessly with freshly roasted coffee, espresso, artisan chocolate, baked goods, desserts, molten gastronomy, and more. It has taken Nano Hemp Tech Labs eight years to master cannabis pharmacokinetics, making the world’s best water-soluble D9 powder.

Delta9 THC Water Solubility: How do you make it?

Nano Hemp Tech Labs produces hemp emulsions that are water soluble. Once dry, the resulting liquid emulsions are spray dried to produce a D9 powder. Contact one of the owners or representatives at 281-541-0047 or 281-531-7500 for more information about Delta-9 THC water soluble.

Is it safe to consume Water Soluble D9 Powder?

Based on our bioavailability research (AUC), Nano Hemp Tech Labs suggests consuming water soluble D9 powder in your favorite beverage or mock tail before eating a high fat meal. Autophagy can be promoted by intermittent fasting.

How long does Water Soluble D9 take to start working?

D9 powder from Nano Hemp Tech Labs begins to work within 5-10 minutes (Fast Acting). You may have different results depending on your feasting or fasting habits, metabolism, genetics, etc. This hemp derived nano cbd product will surprise your senses as some of our formulas will “hit” in 30 seconds.

How does Water Soluble Delta 9 affect the offset effect?

The effects of oral consumption of Nano Hemp Tech Lab’s D9 powder will occur between one and two hours after consumption. Within 30 minutes, the peak is reached, and it slowly dissipates.

Do you use a specific type of Extract for Nano Water Soluble?

Delta 9 THC powder is produced by Nano Hemp Tech Labs with high purity. A range of hemp-derived distillates, live rosin, isolates, live resin, badder, distillates, and/or shatter are used. Spray drying is used to convert hemp extracts into a powder that is soluble in water.

Depending on the formulation, D9 powder may contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. Together, our team has over 25 years of experience and work with government nano contractors.

What is your method for growing hemp?

In our water-soluble powders, Nano Hemp Tech Labs utilizes high quality hemp genetics, biodynamic greenhouse farming, sun grown hemp, and designer extracts. This allows for the highest quality nano powder that can be formulated for premium finished products. Our shelf life for powder is around 12-18 months and is 100% from hemp plant materials.

Can Labs Purchase Bulk Wholesale Kilos of Nano Cannabinoids?

Yes we offer bulk kilos and they are typically around 20% potency. Our current Nano portfolio includes Nano Bulk CBD, Nano Delta-8 THC, Nano Hemp Derived Delta9 THC powder, Nano HHC, Nano CBD (full spectrum: CBD + hdi D9), Nano CBG isolates. Please inquire for exotic minor cannabinoid nano technology. Contact a sales rep today to get your brand or lab upgraded and feel the power of NANO TODAY!

Dillon Worley 281.531.7500 | Dalton Worley 281.541.0047

Andrew Wyatt 281.798.4127 | Lionell Campbell 832.610.5385

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