The THC Powder Market: Growth of water-soluble solutions

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Worley believes that the social world is coming back and that this is the ideal time for sporting events, concerts, and beaches.

Worley is the co-founder and CEO of Blitzd Bev Co, “We see Blitzd as a social seltzer that you can take out to an event and enjoy” the manufacturer of THC beverages that can be discreetly added to beverages for users to enjoy in social settings.

Worley sees cannabis drinks as the future, but because they are large and difficult to transport, smaller products like THC powder are becoming more popular.

Delta 9 THC Seltzer Options: 0 Calorie, 0g Sugar, 0 Hangovers…

Blitzd water-soluble THC powder is delivered in nano molecules powered by Nano Hemp Tech Labs to “elevate” any drinking experience. Consumers can pop open a can and enjoy a social setting without the need to “drink” to fit in. 

“Blitzd is an excellent choice when choosing a hemp derived seltzer whether Delta 8 Thc or nano Delta 9 Thc,” said Worley. “It’s calorie free and taste free.” 

Delta 9 THC Beverage

Many brands produce great dissolvable powders, but some manufacturers cut corners and make inferior products, said Dillon Worley, founder of Houston-based D Squared Worldwide which makes Blitzd fast-acting THC powders.

According to Worley, the category’s name has been poisoned by bad products. “People have mixed MCTS oil with distillate to make products.”

Worley developed a micro-dose, water-soluble seltzer for his mother, who wanted to replicate the feeling of taking deep breaths without the “head high” associated with marijuana.

Worley described it as “relaxation in a cup.” 

In response, Nano Hemp Tech Labs developed fast-acting dissolvable powders, where delta 9 water soluble is currently leading the way.

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids: The New Beverage Wave of Delta 9 Seltzers 

The company does not believe in licensing – everything is manufactured in-house, Worley said. The company works with cannabinoids in food and beverages. Food science is all involved here. “It’s a gold standard in the edible industry.”

But for cannabis brands working under a licensing model, there are companies like Nano Hemp Tech Labs that has hemp derived material that can be shipped across state borders!

The Texas-based Nano Hemp Tech Labs manufactures THC powder for brands looking to add it to their product line. Some other popular drink options in the cannabis edibles or drink category are also water soluble cannabinoids or nano CBD drinks. The body absorbs these other cannabinoids the same way it does with any nano product through cell membrane.

Nano Water Soluble Technology Powered by Nano Water Soluble Delta 9 THC

You can add the powder to coffee or smoothies, according to NHTL founder Worley. To create an easier-to-make, more stable, and longer-lasting product, we aimed to make it easier to make.

Dillon Worley, the company’s chief scientific officer, says the production of THC powders — or any other cannabis products — will be challenging until federal legalization of the plant enables companies to centralize manufacturing. This will make production more efficient and the products more consistent.

“Either it’s made on a small scale where quality and cost have been compromised or it doesn’t meet consumer expectations,” Worley said.

According to Worley, THC powders are a convenient way to get high until there is a bar or liquor store where you can order or buy an RTD.

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