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CBD-based products that are water-soluble are among the latest CBD products to hit the market.

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CBD-based products that are water-soluble are among the latest CBD products to hit the market. In addition to its unique properties, water soluble CBD can do things that other extracts can’t, and it’s ideal for products that were previously difficult to manufacture. Discover what water-soluble CBD is and how it works, and find out how to choose the best water-soluble CBD for faster acting, more bioavailable, and unique product lines. For the best water soluble CBD in the industry, look no further than Nano Hemp Tech Labs. They have been specializing in water soluble CBD since 2014 and have a collective of 25 years of water soluble and emulsion technology experience.

What is water-soluble CBD?

The name of this CBD type refers to its ability to dissolve in water, something that other types of CBD cannot do. This naturally lipid-soluble cannabinoid is able to dissolve in water when encapsulated in a particular hydrophilic carrier. These particles are broken down to a nanoparticle size then encapsulated in a liposome/mycele. This encapsulation protects the CBD molecules in the digestive tract reducing waste. The reduced particle size allows for maximum absorption of the water soluble CBD enhancing the bioavailability. The water soluble CBD allows the body to absorb the CBD faster and more efficiently providing faster acting, longer lasting effects. The encapsulated water soluble CBD molecules are protected from stomach acids and provide longer lasting effects with less waste and enhanced stability.

What is the best water soluble CBD: Isolate, Full Spectrum, or Broad Spectrum?

That depends on what products you are manufacturing and what the legalities of your state or country are. You can obtain water-soluble CBD that is full-spectrum, which is an extract that contains up to 0.3% THC. In addition to water-soluble CBD, it can also be water-soluble CBD broad-spectrum (the same as full-spectrum CBD, but without THC). Our most popular water-soluble CBD is derived from isolate. This is because this contains zero THC and is more widely accepted throughout the world.

Which is better: CBD oil or water-soluble CBD?

There is certainly a place for CBD extracts derived from oil. Water-soluble CBD extracts have increased versatility and bioavailability, they are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of products for delivering quick and potent results. The CBD market is so saturated now with brands and products and to really stand out the only option is to have products formulated with water soluble CBD. Although back in 2018 products manufactured from CBD distillate extract were the best, the market quickly shifted to water-soluble products.

Does Water-Soluble CBD have Benefits?

A water-soluble CBD product has the following three primary advantages: protected encapsulation, enhanced bioavailability, elevated absorption, and compatibility with a greater range of products. In more detail, let’s examine each asset:

Protected Encapsulation

The Nano Hemp Tech Labs difference is in the protected encapsulation. Mycele and liposomal encapsulation protects the CBD molecules in the digestive tract reducing waste. After breaking down the cbd particles which are hydrophobic, they are then encapsulated creating an encapsulated hydrophilic molecule. This is the source behind our True-NanoTechnology power by Nano Hemp Tech Labs.

Enhance Bioavailability

The reduced particle size enhances the ability of the CBD to be absorbed by the body, which results in increased bioavailability. CBD water soluble allows the body to absorb the CBD more quickly and more efficiently, so its effects are longer lasting and faster acting. A CBD product’s bioavailability is crucial to determining both its value and effectiveness. Bioavailability measures the amount of a substance your body can absorb before it is excreted.

Elevated Absorption

By using water soluble CBD, the body is able to absorb it faster and more efficiently, providing faster acting, longer lasting effects. Compared to distillate which can take around 30 to 60 minutes to be absorbed, water soluble CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream before it even reaches the liver. This allows almost instant absorption where you feel the effect in 1 to 5 minutes depending on the method of intake. Again, compared to your traditionally CBD Distillate made products where you only absorb 20 to 30 percent of the CBD, water-soluble CBD you absorbed nearly 99 percent of the CBD.

Can water-soluble CBD be considered the best extract type?

Since water-soluble CBD offers increased benefits without many substantial downsides, some would consider it the best CBD extract available. It is 2022 where everybody wants instant results, if that’s with your dopamine levels and the use of social media or if it is Netflix and you get to choose what you want to watch when you want. Water-Soluble CBD now gives users instant relief from all the benefits. You want it faster, quicker absorption and the newest technology in the world, the water soluble CBD is the answer for you.

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